The UK’s industrial revolution was driven by the country’s wealth of natural resources. The development of the mills, the invention of the steam engine required coal.


The UK labour force quickly learned the technical skills needed to extract minerals. Its labour force has the experience to train and utilise a labour force.

Best Practice

UK companies provide consultancy and support, using best practice extraction methods. They competently, safely and efficiently provide equipment and services for benefaction, transportation, marketing and closure of mines.


UK manufacturers are considerate of social and environmental impact of mining, and value and protect the ecosystem. Sustainability attracts investors.


Stringent regulatory bodies were formed in the UK at an early stage to protect the worker. This led to a trust developing worldwide for UK consultancy and due diligence.


UK consultants and contractors include many of the world’s leading geologists, mining and processing engineers, civil and transport engineers as well as environmental and social scientists.

Global Expertise

Strong international networks provide UK firms with holistic understanding of global exploration and mining projects.


Britain is an island; it learned how to export, import and use its ports wisely. It boasts some of the best practices at ports, worldwide.


The UK has a strong track record of developing strategies and processes to deliver cost-effective solutions to mining developments in a wide range of challenging circumstances.


Effective operational planning, monitoring and proactive management enables UK contractors to stay competitive in global markets, while complying with tough legislative and environmental controls.

Added Value

UK consultants add value in the design, build and operational lifecycle. This is essential as miners are under increasing pressure to optimise capital, reduce costs, improve productivity and increase profitability, whilst cementing stakeholder relationships.


Processing and refining capabilities by UK manufacturers are known to be the best in the world; UK metallurgists are leaders in conventional mineral processes, such as flotation, carbon leach, crushing, screening and sizing.


Waste and water management is carried out efficiently while protecting the environment.


The UK has a long and prestigious history in extracting minerals.
It now uses those world-class capabilities to deliver equipment and services to the global mining industry.