Global mining companies choose the UK, because they like its legal and regulatory systems for stability and clarity.

Four of top five mining companies are listed on the London Stock Exchange, demonstrating confidence in the financial standards.

In 2012, UK listed mining companies had market capital of $425 billion – more than any other financial market in the world. This trust helps attract investment for development.


UK financial sector offers opportunities to access investment.

Between 2008 and 2011, 51 mining and materials firms made IPOs in London, accounting for over 30% of capital raised on the LSE. (source: PWC) (in 2011, Glencore – largest UK IPO ever.)

This legacy led to the creation of world-class mining industry.


The industrial revolution happened in the UK!

The UK had the climate, wool and weaving machines, water power, then steam engines and demand for coal was insatiable.

UK had the genius to invent and the resources to capitalise, which gave the country the expertise, technology and skill to lead the way.