Coking coal quality results establish Jan Karski as a high value ultra-low ash coking coal mine



Prairie Mining Ltd is pleased to announce the results of enhanced coal quality analysis and test work from a recently completed borehole (Cycow 9) at the Jan Karski Mine. Key results from the expanded coke oven and washability test work indicate the potential to produce a high value ultra-low ash SSCC with a high CSR, with a high 75% product yield.

Preliminary analysis by independent consultants indicates that the Jan Karski Ultra-low ash SSCC could achieve a 10% premium to international SSCC benchmark prices, due to several superior qualities.

– Recent coal quality testwork establishes the potential to produce high value ultra-low ash semisoft coking coal (SSCC) at Jan Karski
– Independent analysis by coal market consultants predicts that Jan Karski ultra-low ash SSCC would potentially realise a 10% premium to international benchmark SSCC prices
– Washability results demonstrate the ability to produce ultra-low ash (<3%) semi soft coking coals that are in high demand from global stealmakers due to the considerable commercial advantages of enhanced “value in use” and lower CO2 emissions
– Coke oven tests demonstrated exceptional results with Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR) of 51.5, exceeding typical CSR parameters of internationally traded semi soft coking coals
– Preliminary washplant flow sheet redesign anticipates a significantly upgraded product split of 75% ultra-low ash semi-soft coking coal, and is not expected to result in a reduction of overall saleable coal product yields, or material project cost increases
– Preliminary discussions with select European steel makers have confirmed the suitability of ultra low ash, high CSR semi-soft coking coals to be utilised in coke oven blends
– Benchmarking of the Jan Karski ultra-low ash SSCC against semi-soft coking coal currently produced by OKD in the Czech Republic demonstrates the potential of the Jan Karski product to replace these coals in the regional market

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source: www.pdz.com.au