Drilling affirms Jan Karski as semi-soft coking coal project


Prairie Mining Ltd is pleased to announce the results of enhanced coal quality analysis and test work from a recently completed borehole (Kulik 1) at its 100% owned Jan Karski Mine. The coking coal quality results are superior to the drill results announced in May 2017, and further confirm that Jan Karski is a globally significant semi-soft coking coal (SSCC) / Type 34 coking coal deposit with the potential to produce a high value ultra-low ash SSCC with an exceptional CSR and a high 75% coking coal product split.

• Prairie’s use of modern exploration techniques continues to transform the Jan Karski Mine with latest drill results re-affirming the capability of the Project to produce high value ultra-low ash semi-soft coking coal, known as Type 34 coal in Poland
• Outstanding results from coke oven testing demonstrate superior coal quality specification compared to typical parameters of internationally traded semi-soft coking coals and domestic Type 34 coals, including an exceptionally high Coke Strength after Reaction which is a parameter highly prized by steelmakers
• Historically Poland’s Lublin Coal Basin has been associated with thermal coal production, however Prairie’s exploration program conducted according to international standards has demonstrated beyond doubt that the 391 coal seam at Jan Karski hosts a globally significant deposit of semi-soft / Type 34 coking coal
• Washplant flow sheet design conducted as part of the China Coal technical studies anticipates mine production will be up to 75% ultra-low ash semi-soft / Type 34 coking coal, with outstanding overall saleable coal yield of 82%
• Czech and Polish supply of semi-soft / Type 34 coking coal to the European steel industry has dramatically decreased over the last two years due to mine closures and declining production, with regional coke and steelmakers forced to replace the supply deficit with imports
• Benchmarking analysis of Jan Karski’s ultra-low ash product against semi-soft coking coal produced in the Czech Republic and from recently closed Polish mines demonstrates the potential of the Jan Karski Type 34 coal to replace these coals in the regional market
• The Company can now advance discussions with regional steelmakers and coke producers for future coking coal sales and offtake on the basis of selling ultra-low ash semi-soft / Type 34 coking coals from Jan Karski
• Drill results will be incorporated in China Coal’s technical studies for the Jan Karski Mine