Regular information on industry projects, financing raised by major mining producers, market conditions and commodity prices.

Details of mining exhibitions and conferences, trade missions and other global mining events.

Key information for export sales opportunities and grant funding.

Networking opportunities to share issues and benefit from the knowledge of peers and those with field experience, for example, understand the competition.

Exhibition participation representation under the British pavilion umbrella, planning and pre-publicity research and information gathering to include country profiles and mining producers. Travel and accommodation arrangements, PR including advertisement brochures, folders and posters.

Effective marketing tools including direct mail, capitalising on the relations with the mining press for effective PR and media coverage.

Exposure on the website www.abmec.org.uk with valuable links to your own website.

Excellent relations with the mining press resulting in good PR and media exposure.

ABMEC Members’ Directory; a regular publication with your company. Additional copies printed in foreign languages for circulation at exhibitions. With a worldwide distribution to the top mining producers.

Missions: inward and outward country visits; ideal for scoping, research and exploring new markets, while bring part of an organised group.

Networking opportunities with ABMEC members as well as other associations, potential customers and industry leaders.

Annual Conference complimentary admission.

Member Networking Days include a visit with a tour and presentation at member premises or sites. The chance to host this event, or present at a joint Networking Day at a neutral location.

Access to Government funding. ABMEC is an Accredited Trade Organisation (ATO) and Trade Challenge Partner (TCP) for Department for International Trade (DIT), and administers Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) funding.

Access to Government departments, where an individual or single company cannot get a hearing. ABMEC provides dialogue between producers, Government, regulatory bodies and the media.

Advertisement and sponsorship opportunities in publications, at exhibitions, on the ABMEC website, and at the ABMEC Annual Conference.

Build relationships with customers as well as contacts such as partners, agents and distributors, with experience overcoming trade barriers.

Raise the profile of your company by joining an Accredited Trade Association.

Advice on how to effectively use exhibitions, missions, publications, the media in order to successfully enter and maintain your presence in the international mining sector.

Discounts on bulk buying and reduced rates to conferences.