Carlson SW

Carlson’s laser scanning devices for the mining and quarrying industry improve productivity and safety. The products can:

Cut costs: optimise blasting, spending less on transport, explosives and breakage,

Plan new projects: with accurate maps to assess risk, design solutions and devise new work programmes,

Improve safety: obtain data without risk to workers and demonstrate compliance.

Carlson is a leading engineering technologies company with over 70 offices in 32 countries. In 2012 its assembly facility was named the UK’s Best Electronics and Electrical Plant. Customers include the world’s largest and most technologically advanced companies. Quarryman® is for 3D mapping of entire quarry sites, and helps optimise blasting.
Boretrak® is used to audit drilling activity quickly and cost-effectively.
C-ALS® is a unique underground laser scanner, which maps the most inaccessible parts of mines, and plans new projects.
Void Scanner is a reliable, cost-effective and safe system to map underground voids and stopes.

Carlson SW
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