Global Mine Design

Global Mine Design Ltd specialises in the optimisation of designs and long-term planning schedules at operating mine sites using ground monitoring data (e.g. seismic, extensometer, photogrammetry, LiDAR, etc.). Our approach determines effective mining rates and extraction sequences, enabling our clients to proactively adapt their life of mine strategy to evolving ground conditions and changing production demands.

Our experience of working within high-stress and seismic mine environments around the world has led us to develop a wide-range of analytical tools to characterise dynamic site conditions, design data collecting systems and analyse complex datasets. We use the industry-leading Deswik® suite of software to evaluate mining options and ensure our mine plan solutions are aligned with site data formats.

Creating a mining strategy that properly accounts for site conditions offers huge benefits to operational efficiency. The result is a mine design or plan that is maximised for long-term safe, responsible and economic production.

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