Howden Group

For more than a century, Howden has supplied ventilation equipment to every major mining company in the world; providing custom-designed ventilation, cooling and heating solutions, globally. Howden offers a fully flexible, integrated suite of products and services that provide efficiency and safety across mine operations: Total Mine Ventilation Solutions (TVMS).

• VentSim™; software for ventilation, safety, training management, and pumping; increasing efficiency and reducing energy usage.
• Mine Ventilation Fans; axial, centrifugal and mixed flow fans in a variety of configurations for underground and surface applications.
• Mine Cooling; temperature control options, with a flexible and effective approach to suit specific conditions. Also screw compressor packages for ammonia chillers, bulk air coolers with unique counter-flow design and portable, skid mounted cooling units.
• Heating systems; capable of burning everything from natural gas and propane to waste oil. Premium efficiency, serviceability, and low emissions are key to the design of a mine shaft heating system.

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