Philford Design Engineers Ltd

Thirty years of experience in heavy duty material handling operations in many diverse industries has seen Philford Design Engineers become one of the UK mining industry’s leading suppliers of conveying systems.

Philford’s unique designs and equipment are used extensively in coal and mineral mining operations. Philford offers roof mounting systems (to combat floor lift) for any conveying application and manufactures multi bank loops, remote delivery ends and receiving sections of all types including walking tail ends for rapid advance and shuttle car receiving units.

Philford’s design of heavy duty bridge belt can be used with many types of heading machines. Philford’s range of conveying equipment is extensive including bunker feeders (either chain or belt) all types of chain conveyors, multi-transfer points and much more.

Philford has full design and manufacture capability to supply any equipment for individual installations underground, or on the surface.

Philford Design Engineers Ltd
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